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For Purposes of this page, the terms "Area 2" and "Area II" are synonymous.

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Borrowed Equipment Compensation

Remuneration & Incentives for Equipment Loaned to AGEHR Area2

As of January 1, 2013, Area 2 supports three major events for its constituency. The Festival Conference and the Young Ringers Conference are run back-to-back every other odd year. Vibration Vacation Seminars are run every other year on even years. From time to time, the area 2 Board may designate additional events for which additional equipment and/or instruments are needed to make the eventa a success.

The Area 2 Board has established a Remuneration/Incentive program under which those willing to loan instruments and/or equipment to Area 2 may receive benefit for their participation.

The program is structured with designated remuneration for instruments. These range from an award equivalent to the cost of an annual membership in HMA down to certain financial remunerations for less critical items.

In addition, from time to time, unusual needs may be required to run the events. The program is thus structured such that the Board will award one-off incentives as they deem appropriate to encourage participation.

Current Remuneration/Incentive Schedule

You can download a pdf version of the current Remuneration/Incentive Schedule by: clicking here.